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Depending on how you load them you can get dozens of fireings from a case. I used to get 6 or 7 when I loaded them hot. Now, if I need to build some hot I'll use new or more likely once fired brass & then after that I use milder loads for practice. Theres a wide window of expense for everything except primers. you can spend $.50 or more for a bullet or get 500 for $30, you can use upwards of 15 grains a round or 5 grains a round. So its very hard to say exactly how much you save. Its about much more than saving money anyway but I doubt a box of hot jacketed 357 costs me more than $10.00. Brass, as you surely noticed, is the most expensive part, if you can scrounge it or have hundreds saved from before you start reloading, you save much more than if you buy it.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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