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.357 Magnum "Factory" Hunting Loads

I haven't been able to find a box of the Winchester Partition Gold 180gr or the Corbon 180gr BC SP and 200gr HC FP, would be interested in hearing from anyone who have shot these and possibly have chrony results?

So far my favorite and my guns favorite (both my Ruger GP161 and Marlin 1894CP) is Buffalo Bore 180gr Hardcast. I did find a box of Remington 165gr Core-Lokts. I was surprised as Remington advertises them at 1250fps from a 8 3/8" barrel and my Ruger 6" barrel delivered 1350fps. My friends S&W 66 4" barrel was delivering 1300fps. The Buffalo Bore 180gr Hardcast runs about 1400fps out of my Ruger and 1375fps from my friends S&W.

I hope to have a field report after this deer season.
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