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I went out today and just shot some jugs. Brought 20 of them with me, figuring I'd have enough to try out three bullets.. Well, the Whelen smoked that idea.

I chrono'ed the load first and shot on paper to make sure it was okay. Ran 2662 FPS over my chrono today. Probably around 90* around here or a little better today. Usually runs around 2630/2640 FPS or so.

Either way, I found this bullet in jug number 8! Yeah, that's right, I recounted and recounted, but it was there. Lucky to, as I was only expecting 7 but set an 8th up, jug to catch if needed. Glad I did.

Retained 204.6 and expanded to a .680" diameter. Very impressive bullet. Lot of shank on this bullet.

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