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For some reason, lever action cartridges other than the established 30-30 or 45-70 don't seem to make it. Then certain calibers don't seem to take off. The 338's are popular in very heavy cartridges like the 338 mag or the Lapua but in the more moderate cartridges they don't seem to make it. The 338-06 is considered superior to the 35 Whelen down range.
Winchester had the old 33 in the 86 model that did not survive. The 33's use the same bullet weights as the 35's and a 338 on a 308 case would be superior to the 358 Winchester. The 338 Marlin was close but sales did not support the improvements. Personally, where someone wants a higher performance cartridge, they might want a BLR or Henry Long Ranger in a common cartridge?

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