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336w made by marlin not rem

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GRADYS has a 336w on sale for 339.00 said it was made by marlin not rem deal are no deal ?
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Seems like an average price to me..
The 336w has the hardwood stock not walnut..

For that price, I would look around for a nice used 336c, 336cs or even an older 336rc.
They have walnut stocks and there's still plenty of used NH built ones for sale ranging from $275-$350 at least in my parts anyways..
if it is a true marlin...sounds pretty good to me...i know some people cant find a used marlin for less than 350-400 dollars
Lots of different styles of Marlins in .30/30 out there. Look 'em all over good before you decide to bite. I have one in the birch stock and think no less of it than my walnut stocked ones. As far as price, that is around the everyday Wal-Mart price, personally I would buy a used rifle for $250-$275 w/ a scope and see thrus already on it ;D ;D .DT
I am sure I new at one time, but what does the "w" stand for in the 336w? I'm getting old.
Here in Auburn, Alabama, a new 336W will run you 399.00 at Dick's Sporting Goods and 349.00 at Walmart.
That's about the going price for a W model around here too.
The Marlington 336W I bought at WalMart recently set me back $367. It's not nearly as bad as some would have you believe. Fit and finish were pretty good, and the action is kind of rough, but that should smooth out with use. I could have bought a used walnut stocked Marlin for less, but I was just curious about the overall quality of Marlington rifles, so I bought one to try it out.
Thats a decent price on a new gun if you don't mind a birch stock.The barrel and receiver are the same quality as the 336c.They sale for about $350 or $360 at Wally world around here. JD
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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