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My ER, yessss the rare and legendary in 356Win, #15116xx, has stamped on the barrel, "Micro-Groove". Yet it is clearly a 6 groove barrel, and not the usual 12, it looks more like a 'Ballard-style' cut.
I'm curious if this was standard, or I just got lucky?
Shoots good! Dialing in a Micro-Dot 2x7 Scope with a Saeco checked 250gr boolit this afternoon averaging 1873fps with SD:23, and ES:64 with NO problems whatsoever, lol, other than me.
Scope is settling down, and I'll sort out this rest stuff, about an 1.5" at 35yds for 3 shots so far,,,,, I'll move the paper plate further afield now that I've done a test run of the loaded ammo, and put together some more.
I'll see if I can't get up to circa 2100fps, gently gently, the action couldn't have seen a 100 rounds thru it by the looks of the wear in the bluieing on the hammer and lever.
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