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I am thinking that your Meister's are not gas checked(?), and if not, you will need to keep velocities under 1,500 f.p.s. for accurate shooting. With 22 grs. of powder, as your friend is using, I believe he is probably using gas checked bullets with velocities exceeding 1,500 f.p.s.

.296" is tight for a .30 bore diameter. If so your groove diameter is probably at .308" or less. If that is the case, your .308" diameter bullets should work AOK. If not, you might want to try .309-.310" bullets. I find that .309-.310"bullets work better in my .30-30's except for my Marlin 336A Micro- Groove which it shoots .308" bullets just fine (.307" groove diameter).

I would try 12-14 grs. of 4227 or 4759, 14-16 grs of 4198 or 5744 in 13 to 15 gr charges.

With a good tang sight, you should have no problem at all in developing an accurate load at 300. .

Good luck,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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