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336 texan

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I found a 1968 texan in 30/30 today and it is rough,lots of surface rust and the stock is in bad shape.Looks like it has been in a salt water area to me,inside the receiver is bad too. The guy said 200.00 otd ,i said no ,what do you guys think?
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being a Texan don't know which one but if it's that rusty I'd have to get down to less than that. How's the bore? If it's also rusty then I may even have to pass on it. I paid $190 for a 68 RC 30-30 that needed a refinish on the stock and the barrel is okay but has some scratches that I might reblue one day but has a bright and shiny bore and shoots great. Oh and came with an old style (good) $75 peep site on it. No rust though.
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