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336 Scope/Mount Question

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I recently purchased a mint condition 1976 model and am looking to put a scope on it. I use Talley mounts on my other rifles and plan to do the same. My question is, will the Talley lows work with a 2-7x33 scope without removing the rear sight? Will the hammer interfere? I have searched old threads and cannot find an answer.
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Welcome to marlin owners! I think the lows will work (they also make extra lows.) Be sure, google Talley and get their 800# or send an e-mail. I hear they aim to please. Good day, Jack
Welcome aboard. I generally take out the rear sight anyway but most of them fold forward giving you more room. :)
Thanks for the info guys! I'll post a pic when get it all together.
They work with a Nikon 2-7x33 my son has mounted. The extra lows will require the rear sight removal but its worth the effort.
Jake, you wouldn't happen to have a pic of that install would you?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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