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336 Question

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Bought a 1972 DOM 336 35 Rem few months back. Today added a 1981 DOM 336 30-30. YES - I now officially have Marlinitis - NOW all I need is a 32 Win SPC!!!

But I digress. The 1981 has a small difference from the 1972. On the '81, the small pin associated with the extractor, on the left side of the receiver, protrudes about 1/32" beyond the surface of the receiver. It is spring loaded. You can push it flush, but it pops back out. I did not remember this (anomaly) on the '72, but at the shop I also checked a brand new 336 on the rack and the pin was the same on the new gun and the '81. On the '72 the pin is flush and tight.

So... Is there anything wrong with the pin/extractor on the newer '81 (and no, haven't cycled any rounds thru it yet)? Was there some kind of manufacturing change b/n '72 and '81? And remember - a brand new rifle seemed to be exactly like the used '81 I just bought. Any insight is appreciated.

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oscarflytyer said:
Thanx guys! Didn't think there was a problem, but... Nice to know, and still things to learn!
If it bugs you you can take it out & file that tit till its flush & cold blue it. ;)
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