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336 magazine tube not coming off?

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Was taking a 336 with a 3/4 length mag tube apart and the mag tube will not come off easy (or at all). Followed the same steps as my other 336, removed the two end cap screws, removed the screw holding the magazine screw to the barrel, and the forend moves/magazine tube moves away from the barrel, but the magazine tube will not come out of the receiver.......

I must be forgetting some step.

Thanks in advance.
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Might be some rusticles between the mag tube and the recess in the receiver holding it kind of snug. After you drop the mag tube far enough from the barrel to allow the tenon to clear the hole in the plug end of the mag tube, will the mag tube rotate at all?
It would not release from the receiver.
I am going to spray some remoil around the magazine tube/receiver area, stand it up for a bit to soak in.

The magazine tube should just slide out after removing the forend and end magazine tube (based on prior experience with the 336).
The oil loosened it up. But there is a rub mark and slight burr that caused the binding. Cleaned it up with bronze wool/oil. As well as the magazine tube, follower, spring, and under the barrel. Looks like it was never apart since build! It's clean now.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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