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Welcome from the marshes of south Louisiana.
That will be one hard gun to find! If you do find one for sale $$$$$$.
Nothing would be wrong with it! It's a Marlin!
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Worth buying if the price is comfortable for you. I just missed buying one for $550 about 4 years ago, or they received a better offer after I accepted the purchase price online.

They are dandy little carbines, but I'm just as happy with the 30TK I bought 6-8 years ago for $269. Short barrel 30-30s are handy little rifles. Mine is a pistol grip,, where the LTS is a straight stock,, but both are very desirable. . Congratulations! We need some pictures!

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Great Find!! Welcome from Pennsylvania!!
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I would get it ...... if a 16 inch 30-30 is what you want. They are scarce. I think going price is around $1300 to $1500.
Cheaper than a real Mauarder from 1963 1964.
I like tinkering with marlins, so I took a 336 Rc and converted it to 16.5 inch and straight grip stock. It was fun to work on and I love the little companion.....
Welcome aboard ...from sure to post a pic of your new frield

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