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Do a search on <Colonel Larson World Champion>, if you haven't done so . . . there's much interesting info on-line.
"The Marlin Man" ; Colonel was his actual first name. He had an interesting and amazing life. I met him when he came to our store where I was the sporting goods manager around 1967-8 . He was supposed to do a shooting demonstration in a hall way at the back of the store where our large department was located. Had it all set up for complete safety and at the last minute it was shutdown by the police or fire department (I can't remember which), Ended up just talking to all the customers and showing his shooting souvenirs.(Indian Chief outline on an aluminum plate was a big hit) We had some time to talk while setting up and waiting for the customers to show up and he told me about some of the shots he had done in his career. He talked like they were no big deal, but it was some amazing shooting.
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