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One other option is to have it rebored to .375, 38-55 or .444 the latter takes a little more work but is doable.

One thing I would suspect is that the rest of the gun may be very nasty when you tear it down for a complete teardown and cleaning. I would do this before sinking any more money into it.

The price would have to be very low for me to consider one with a rusted bore, there are just too many 336s out there with good bores for less than the cost of the gun and a rebbl.

Figure like this, my last 30-30 was a 47 model 36 gave $175 out the door it had a short buttstock I replaced with a $55 custom stock and buttplate. Total $230 plus labor to fit the stock but that is something us old retired geezers like to do.

The 30-30 I bought before that was an 87 with scope and sling delivered to my door for $250 figure 95% rated wood and metal.
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