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I have a Remington model 30 express deluxe manufactured in the late 1920's chambered in 32 Remington. The gun is absolutely perfect and doesn't appear to have ever even had an entire box threw it. I would like to stay away from jacketed bullets in this rifle and shoot only cast. I found some 30 Remington brass and necked it up to 32 cal. I have some RCBS 32 cal 170gr FPGC bullets sized at .321 which I use for my 32 win specials. I slugged the bore of the model 30 and it came out to .319. One of the pieces of brass had small split in the body so I drilled out the primer pocket and made it into my cartridge OAL gauge. With the RCBS 170gr FP bullets for some reason the 0-give is way to long for the chamber and I would have to seat way past the crimp groove which is leaving very little of the bullet past the case mouth. Can anyone tell me WHY the chamber would be cut that much more shallow than a 32 special? I understand this is a bolt gun so spire point bullets can be used however when this gun was manufactured bullet selection is nothing as it is today and cant believe there were that many options....I was excited to be able to use 8mm bullets to give me a bigger selection but I don't cast, and have no way to size them down.....Does anyone have one of these in that caliber? Does the 30 Remington in the model 30 express have the same charicteristics? Do the pump guns have this problem? Anyone have any good ideas? Id really like to shoot this gun, and really shouldn't be this difficult....
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