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30AS vs. 336

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What are the differences between the 30AS and the 336 marlins besides the end cap?
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Nothing. There are several 336 models that have the endcap. The 30AW that I have looks just like a 30AS, but with a barrel band. The 30AW & 30AS use a birch stock, where as some 336's have a birch stock as well.
Thanks for the info. I did not know if maybe the 30AS used cheaper parts or was less finished.
The sights may be different, might not have a gold trigger, but rest assured it is all Marlin. Mr fixit
I bought one new over 20 years ago and I've been hooked on Marlins ever since. They had a plain stock with no checkering and came with a cheap scope. I put the 4 power Tasco on a .22 and bought a good piece of glass for it. My buddy has one with the same plain stock and eccono scope.
Mine has the cheapo scope, but has checkered wood.
Hi C/O. According to a catalogue from 1997 the 336 had a walnut stock and a length of 38 1/2 inches. The 30 AS had a beech stock and was 38 1/4 inches all the other specs were identical.
Mine is parkerized on top and bottom and very accurate.One hole at 50 is common with 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 at 100 with simmons 2 power scope.
My first Marlin was an 30AS about 35yrs ago. I liked the dovetailed gold bead front sight better than the ramped ones. I did take the cheap rear sight off and put a Marbles adjustable semi-buckhorn on it. I did eventually refinish the stock to make the birch look a little better. I did need to do a little filing and polishing on the cartridge elevator to avoid ocassional jams. And while I had it apart, I filed down the leaf spring on the loading gate to make it easier to load.
It was very accurate. With my handloads. I could hit the 200mtr chickens and 300mtr rams every time. Offhand........
It accounted for a bunch of Mule Deer over the years.........Really nice "working" levergun!
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