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If only I could shoot this rifle as good as it is capable.....

This rifle shoots factory ammo as good as it gets, so I don't need to reload any high performance stuff. What I wanted to see, would it shoot 150gr 30-30 projectiles in the 2450-2500fps range duplicating 30-30AI performance. This really covers most whitetail hunting where I'm located.
Friday wasn't the best day to go shooting, the flags were straight out most of the time, but it was now or never before the cold front and the rain arrived.

Using hodgdon's website as a guide I choose IMR4064 for two reasons, 1) I had a new unopened can. 2) 4064 has always worked well in my 308win. and the cases are pretty similar. The bullet was a Sierra 150 FN. Just guessing at the velocity from the website I knew I needed to be somewhere around 38.5 to 40 grains of 4064, so that's where I stayed with my loads.
150 GR. HDY RN IMR 4064 .308" 2.430" 37.0 2328 36,100 PSI 41.0C 2574 45,700 PSI

I figured with the wind blowing as hard as it was, shooting at 100yds wouldn't tell me anything I couldn't learn at 75yds.

These two groups were shot back to back. The scope is set for factory ammo, so the groups are a little to the left. The final load....40 grains of IMR4064 150 FN. Both .75 inches.


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very thought i had was that I hope that any of our Marlin Express shooters who are not reloaders nor are planning to get into reloading anytime soon ..that they make sure to hang onto that brass for us that do ....good shooting y'all
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