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308 GMX/FTX at Cabelas

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I was looking at the GMX bullets on Cabelas site and they have one that says 308 GMX FTX 150 grs. but when you click bye it says 140grs! has anyone seen this? It doesn't say what it's for but it's kinda interesting, the code is 275 I thought about calling them but thought about asking here first. Dennis
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Sportsmans warehouse has the gmx bullets in 140gr.
Thy are the 30-30 bullet #30310 it is a 140 gr monoflex. The 140 gr monoflex for the 308MX might be out in June some time.

I just got a few boxes to load in the 30-30, but thought I would try some in the 308MX. I shot 4 different charges of Leverevolution this evening. The best it shot was about 1 inch. I think I'm going to wait until the MX bullet comes out.

Midway also has them mismarked as 150 gr bullets. They are 140gr
Thanks Big med, thats kinda what I thought but wasn't sure, Probley should get abox a try them in the 30-30 just for fun. Dennis
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