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.30-30 Nosler Partition vs. Hornady Interlock

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Hey everyone,

My father and I are going pig hunting in TX next month and I'm wondering about loads. Most likely the pigs will be 100lbs (but who knows?!) and I want to use my .30-30. Which of the above 170gr loads would be better? Also, on other forums there's been much debate about the Nosler Partition's ability to open up at .30-30 velocities. I'll be reloading for either one.

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The 170gr. Hornady has worked for years. Shoot it in the right place and you'll bring home the bacon. I'm sure the partition will work as well, but the slower velocities of the 30-30 do not require a fancy bullet for expansion. I'm going pig hunting next month as well. In the past I've used cast, 170gr. Remingtons as well as the Hornady. All work fine.
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