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In my limited experiences;

Winchester "silver tips". The new silver tips do not perform as well as the sixties vintage. I'm thinking it's because the tip material is different than the old silver alloy. My experience and observation based on one deer, while accurate I wasn't impressed by performance.

Remington. I like them. Good accurate ammo. I like the way 170's perform on deer. Usually pass through, with expansion and energy delivery adequate by observation difference of entrance/exit wound.I keep going back to green box 170's.

Federal blue box. Like the remmie ammo, good and accurate. I have not taken game with them but from what I hear and read, I think they are very close to remmie .

I compare my rifle's with different flavor's to see if one performs better. So far all have shot remington well. My savage 24 definently like's the rem green box over anything else, showing tighter group's

I like heavy bullets so aside from testing, I usually choose 170's for hunting.
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