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Well, the gun can't tell me what it likes best, 'cause my eyes aren't good enough any more to tell the difference. In other words, any ammo is going to group better than I will be able to. I will NOT put a scope on a lever action. In my book, they are intended for scabbards - horse or 4-wheeler. I know, I'm a geezer. O.K., having said that, back in the 70's, I purchased ten boxes of Winchester 30-30 "Wells Fargo" ammo. It also carries the "Silvertip" nomenclature, and has a nice exposed lead tip with a flat nose for lever actions. It also has nickel finished cases which are still bright & shiny, and feed very slick. Powerful loads - never had to trail a deer when using these. I don't use them for practice, so still have maybe seven boxes left.
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