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I'm now at a point where the bulk of my shooting is just for the love of shooting; in other words, shooting at the range for accuracy. Yes, we do reload, but most of our shooting is with factory ammo and the fact that factory 303-0 ammo is very reasonably priced really helps.

Being a traditionalist, I don't shoot the fancy LE loads all that much. In our 30-30s, both Marlin and Winchesters, several brands of standard 30-30 ammo really stand out. Federal Blue Box 150s and the Hornady Whitetail Classic 150s have consistently given us the best groups, with Winchester and Remington still very good, though not quite as good as far as average group size. Not that group size is the whole story, but it helps.

By the way, the Hornady Whitetail is the new kid on the black in traditional 30-30 ammo, but it's been excellent in terms of consistency and accuracy in our lever guns. Might be worth a try if you see some.
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