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My dear old deceased dad (who is most definitely getting smarter all the time) advocated heavier bullets (in this case, 170 grain) in moderate-velocity cartridges. He argued that in flesh and bone, 170 grains at 2200 fps is more potent than 150 grains at 2350, especially at typical 30-30 distances.

As an aside, why would Winchester 170 grainers be $1 per 20 cheaper than 170 grain Remingtons?
With deference to your Dad, I don't think that 170's are necessary for most hunting in terms of "potency". In my experience, 150's blow through deer like they were nothing. In the big game section of this site, there is a thread about a member who shoots 1000 pound feral cattle with his 30-30 using 150 grain bullets. He says he has never recovered any 150 from one of those scrub bulls as they all exit, even 150 grain hollow points. A lot of people use 170's because they group better in many Marlins, probably because they are a little longer. But, I think the reality is that a 30-30 is a slow enough round that it is not going to over expand lighter bullets like a lot of the more modern faster rounds can do and they all do pretty much the same.

For factory ammo, my current favorite is Winchester 150 grain Power Max loads, but I understand that they now make them in 170 too. I hope I can find another box or two before next season. I think they might expand a little wider on deer than some of the others but it may be my imagination.

Lots of times these ammo companies play games with one another with their pricing....probably trying to steal market share. I doubt that there is not a hill of beans worth of difference on game between 170 grain Winchester or Remington loads except that individual rifles will group one better than the other.
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