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30-30 at 15 yards

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One of those exceptional days; First day of rifle deer season and the peak rut day of 2022. About 2 hours after sunrise a spike chased a doe right past me…less than 20 yards and never knew I was there. Moments later this big 8 point runs after them like a cruise missile. I swung the 336 on him just as if I was leading a crossing rabbit with my Model 12. Took him through the heart/lungs and he piled up 25 steps from the tree I was standing next to. I sure am glad I sighted my 30-30 in and practiced at 200 yards for opening day of deer season! Truly, no other woods rifle balances and handles like a vintage Marlin 336.
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30 WCF been taking deer since 1895. well done!
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