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Ballistics of the cartridges are similar. 30-30 is advertised as 2200 with a 170 grain bullet and 2390 with a 150. This is with a 24-26 inch barrel. Drop about 100 fps for the more common carbines. The 32 Special is 2250 with a 170 grain bullet. The 35 is about 2100 with a 200 grain bullet but most factory loads deliver closer to about 1960-2000 out of the carbines. A reloader can hot rod the 32 Special out of a solid rifle to a higher muzzle velocity over a hot-rodded 30-30. Advantages get lost down range as the 30 cal has a higher sectional density. The 35, even with bullets like the Hornady LEs does not have very solid velocity retention.

The 32 Special when brought out was said to split the difference between the 30-30 and the 30 Government (30-40) Krag. A very small difference. It actually was closer as the original 30-30 loads were 165 grain at 1960 as compared to todays loads. The hotter 170 grain loads were more recent for the 30-30. Back then small differences were important.

When 35 Remington's were hard to get a couple of years ago, an individual was making cases out of 308's, but the rim is slightly different than a 308. As to the 8mm Mauser. The US took the 8mm Mauser case and lengthened it and necked it down to make the 30-03 then the 30-06. I have made cases for my old 8mm Mauser out of 30-06 brass with little problem. At one time I think the 35 had two different shell holders based on brand? Technically the 30-30 and 32 Special are based on the 38 basic case or the 38-55 which may be said to have evolved out of the Ballard. Winchester was big on manufacturing standardization so the 94 was made in 38-55, 32-40 (some say the 32 Special came about because of the 32-40 machining equipment on hand) the 30-30, 32 special and the 25-35, all which could technically made from the 38-55 case. The 35 Remington was deigned as a semi auto cartridge and was rimless to function better. There was also a 25, 30, and 32 Remington which duplicated the Winchester 94 cartridges in ballistics and would have been better for modern use but they died off.

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