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Alright fellas, here is it, went 2700 over the chrono. Would have had a decent group to show, but since it was shooting lower than the 225 AB's, it tore my paper down. Only had four bullets and the 4th one went into the jugs.

BUT, I found one of the bullets in the dirt behind my 200 yard target...

I was very impressed to find that bullet in such awesome shape and expanded so well.

It retained 222.6 grains and was .758" at it's widest point. Pretty good mushroom for dirt and rock.

Now, after all that, here was the jug test.

It was found coming out of the 7th jug..

The water jugged bullet was coming out of 7, retained 255.3 grains and was .705" at it's widest point

All in all, it is a very impressive bullet that looks like it'll shoot well right outta the gates in my rifle. I'll give them another try and shoot a little higher. Their expansion and penetration is pretty good. Their shank looks very strong with a big supported mushroom. Not sure what isn't to like about them. Not saying they are any better than a 250 PT, but they are another good option in the 35 caliber rifles.
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