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Had a few boxed of this ammo in my safe for the last 8 years or so...untouched. Last week I decided to break open a box and see just how good or bad they would shoot in my NEF 223 single shot. Shot only a few rounds mixed in with my handloads. I have shot nothing but my handloads in my NEF for many years for hunting coyotes. Shot more Winchester WB this morning, the weather was perfect, about 45 degrees. Much to my surprise, this ammo shot amazingly well to say the least. I have a short range of 55yards set up in my backyard for all my load development and target shooting. I'm happy to report that I was able to put 4 rounds in a 1/8th inch cloverleaf !! I was very pleased that this cheap factory ammo performed so well in my rifle....amazing simply amazing. Try'll like it !..
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