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I have a good "Little" bullet load now;

So I'm looking for a "bigger" bullet load. We tried a 50 grn BK Sierra bullet and we still are using the 8208-XBR.
So Far:

The T/C has a 1-12 twist :!:
I think #4 looks the best. I think I could have done a better job shooting but thats the way it turned out today...Each square is 1/2"

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I'd do more shooting.

A single group with each powder charge isn't very definitive. I wouldn't pick any of them as "better" with a single example of each.

To make an informed decision, you must at least make some kind of attempt at statistical validity.

Five, three shot groups would be a minimum IMO.

If this is a prairie dog rifle, I'd shoot three five shot groups, minimum. 15 of each load.
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