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219 zipper and varget

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I finally finished my zipper and now ready to load some shells, Do any of you zipper people use varget as a powder as I have a pile of it.
I am not sure where to start as a starting load,I use it in my 6x45 and it works great,I was looking at the 222 magnum loads and that seems quite close to the zipper and was wondering if I could use that as a start load data.
I need someone with a little more experience with the zipper than I have, anybody out here to help me.Steve!!
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You didn't mention what bullet weight, but with a 45-grainer I'd start with about 24 grains of Varget, that should get you around 3000 fps, and give you plenty of room to work up. I found some data with BL-C(2) as well, they show 27.0 grains of powder with the 45 grainer.

I also have some data for H380, IMR-3031, IMR-4064, H4198, IMR-4320, and several others. Shoot me a PM if you need more, or want to try some other bullet werights. I've been collecting data for 30 years, this is where it pays off!

BTW, Varget looks like a REALLY good choice for the Zipper. 8)
Thanks to Papajohn who sorted my zipper loads for me, and varget seems to be a good powder for the zipper. Steve! ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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