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Hey there ya'll -- Cleat and I took a stroll out yonder this afternoon. The sun was out and the temperature was holding at 30 degrees. I chose to accessorize with the 1892 Winchester in 218 BEE. After passing through the only fence on the planned route, I racked a round into the chamber and left the hammer on half cock. Coming back to the fence upon our return I briefly thought about racking all five rounds out of the rifle. Looked over my shoulder and there was a turkey dinger 100 yards away staring at me. Two rounds settled him. Another 100 yards beyond him was another dinger. The last three rounds settled him as well. Now the rifle was empty and through the fence we went. The BEE always amazes me with it's power. Those other hits on the dinger were 38-55's. Note to myself: stop shooting dingers closer than 200 yards with the BEE. Best regards. Wind
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