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Go ahead and post your pictures with stats. I'll get it started.

24 pounds
11 inch beard
1" Spurs
Shot with Remington 1187 3" 12 ga. Winchester Supreme #5 shot, BSA Red Dot, 38 yards.

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me on the left
2 beards 10 1/2 and 7 1/4
7/8 sprurs
Mossberg 835, 676 stardot choke, 3 1/2 2oz #4 W-W, 33 yards

BIL on right

9 1/2" beard
3/4 spurs
Browning BPS 10ga, W-W 2oz #4, 49 yards

I shot the first turkey when these two came running. I let out a loud yelp on my Cody glass call and they gobbled and came running. The first on that dropped his fan is the one I shot. The other bird started stomping my decoy. My brother in law crossed 500 yards behind me to get there. He shot the bird next to the decoy. Both birds were within 10' of each other. My decoys fan is tore up.:-}

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Here is my son's first turkey, taken on April 9th during the mentored youth hunt.

19.5#, 9" beard, 3/4" spurs
Mossberg 500 20ga youth model with standard full choke tube
Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight
Remington 3" mag Nitro Turkey 1-1/4 oz #5
One shot, 15 yards

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Well, I did a separate post already on my boys bird but here's a pic of him again.

Weight: 23.1#
Beard: 10.5" (longest hair) 9 7/8" for most of it.
Spurs: 1.0
Gun: Rossi 20 gauge, modified choke.
Ammo: Remington 2 3/4" 5 shot "pheasant" load
Taken: First morning of the Missouri youth hunt on public land.
Distance: 24 yards


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Heres the 1st .Dirty birdy for this season

Weight: 21#
Beard: 10"
Spurs: 1 1/4"
Gun: 12ga Remington Super Mag / .665 Jellyhead
Ammo: Nitro ammo co 4x5x7Hevi-shot 3.5 2 7/16oz
Taken: 1:00 pm
Distance: 51 lasered yards

Missed this one at 20 yards 20 minutes after flydown, then spooked him again (skylighted myself) at 10:30 Then blowed him up at 1:00 as he was fighting purring another gobbler.

Really liking my new Remington, a shotgun with a grip is the best thing since sliced bread. Not missing the 5" of barrel or 1/2lb of weight off my Benelli either, 23" is getting it done.

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