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This little scope caught my eye, so to speak, about eight years ago. Mine is a couple of generations removed from the current version. The newer ones have better glass, a matte finish and are click adjustable for windage and elevation. Any of them offer a good option for a close to modest range hunting rifle. The little scope offers some great benefits for the levergun hunter:

It's small. Only 8" long and 8 ounces light, the little scope looks good on a levergun, and doesn't throw the balance off in the way some larger scopes. Simple, light, sturdy and effective are characteristics of this little scope.

It's got a very generous eye relief of 4.9" - which is much appreciated with a stout kicking .45/70 Guide Gun for instance.

The heavy duplex stands out well, even in low-light situations. It's got a phenomenal 39.5' field of view at 100 yards, terrific for getting on moving game in a hurry!

Over the years I've used this scope on several lever action rifles; a .45/70 Guide Gun, a standard Marlin 1895, a .30-30 Marlin 336, and most recently on my .22 Marlin 39A. I'll also admit using it briefly on a .30-06, and on my .375 H&H Ruger Number One.

SWFA lists the latest version of the 2.5x as one of Leupold's "Ultralight" series, selling for $269.95. More expensive than might be expected, but the little scope delivers more than might be expected as well.

Here it is, in my favorite scope setup on the 1895, with a Leupold scope mount. Note how far forward the ocular piece is, allowing good access to the hammer and welcome eyebrow clearance when firing hard kicking 425 grain Piledriver Junior loads:

On my 336, with a Weaver base:

On the 39A:

Three potential drawbacks are noted:
- At only 2.5x, it offers little magnification for longer or precision shots.
- The scope is physically small, and it might be difficult to mount on some rifles, particularly long-action bolt rifles.
- The small objective lens doesn't let in as much light as is available on some scopes with larger bells.

Great little scope that has served me well on several rifles and on both game large and small. On the range I've used it effectively at 300 yards on the steel gongs. In the field my longest kill with it was a 70 yard mule deer doe, with the .45/70 Marlin. Mostly I've used it at closer ranges, where it excels. It's been a great choice for popping grouse too.

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