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1st time shooting a Marlin, WOW!

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I have been reading this web site approx. a year now. I have just recently joined. I first bought a Henry Golden Boy and did think anything could be as smooth or sweet as that. Big bore guns are not as fun for me, I enjoy the 22LR round very much. I got hard up for money and ended up selling the Henry approx. a year ago. So I am just now being able to afford another .22 rifle. Between this site and a couple others when I googled best reviewed .22LR Lever gun. Henry and Marlin always ranked top notch. I really liked the Henry I had but as I read I did not want one with the aluminum reciever. Every body just complimented the Marlin and the Marlin quality. So I decided to buy the Marlin and give it a try. I had never even felt a Marlin in my hand yet, but everybody swore by them so I went to and purchased a 1967 Mountie approx. three weeks ago, and yes I spent premium for it. I didn't care because I keep my guns in perfact shape and I would have had to just refinish one any way,so I buoght the perfact 1967 Marlin Mountie. I finnally got it to the range today. It was still a little wet and I don't have a bench made for my range yet but the gun fired flawlessly, man it was fun to shoot. The only trouble was from me not being steady enough. I have put a sling on it and wrapped the lever in leather on the bottom. It feels great. Very impressed with the gun. I will buy another Henry one day but this Marlin is going no where,I'm in LOVE!
Sorry I am not the best speller in the world( didn't have spelling past the 4th grade, something new at the time they tried in indy and found out it didn't work)
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Seriously, if you only had spelling through 4th grade, some people here only had it through 2nd... ;D

Can we have some pics? Sounds like you got a nice one. :)
Welcome aboard :). I also have owned a Henry and a Marlin and like both but if I had to choose I will always go to the Marlin. It just feels right in my hands. I will also buy another Henry but in .22 Mag.

And don't worry about the spelling. You more than made up for that by owning a Marlin Mountie ;D.
Spelling? With pictures like that... who needs words?
Yeah, I'm only here for the pictures myself. ;D

And those are some nice ones you posted.

Enjoy your Mountie. It's a lifetime rifle and you've got a lot of grinning to do!
You did good on that Mountie!

My 39A is the most perfectly balanced rifle I own.

Enjoy your new relationship!
Congrats on a very nice mountie!
Thanks for all the replies so far.
Welcome to the Marlin Owners forum and enjoy your Marlin!

May she serve you well.

A Hoosier? Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the Mountie. You have a fine rifle.

Nice rifle. And I have only been around them for a couple years now and to my knowledge have only seen two mounties and bought them both! '53 and '57. Just got the '57 yesterday and did plink around the yard with some short sub-sonic's with a tennis ball and hit it every time with the factory sight on the second level the way it came. Can't wait to get it to the range to see if it shoots as good as the '53. They are just the coolest looking, feeling rifles I've ever seen. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
Congrads to you on the second Mountie. I will enjoy\.
Thanks to all!
I love mine.. rolling soda cans across the lawn is a hoot.. golf balls are fun too....
Good looking rifle. I bought a 39D a few weeks ago. Can't see the open sights good. Used to squirrel hunt with open sights. As for spelling I'm bad and use spell check. 39D Don't balance as good as my 39A but it's lighter.
OK,we have heard enough about your new Marlin 39 ;D now tell us about the scope.Was it on the rifle when you bought it or did you add it later?O yea,nice 39 and welcome to MO. JD
The scope was on the rifle when I buoght it. The only thing on the scope is on the mount. It say's weaver .22 tip off the scope has nothing. I was under the impression that maybe the gun came that way but I don't know?
You know,I bet the scope did come on the gun or was installed at the time.It looks like a "67 period 22 rimfire Weaver.There should be a name or something on it some where.Nice set up. JD
I'm going to cry! :'(
I still kick myself for selling my 39A back in the early 80's.
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