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Hello everyone,

This is my 3rd gun and my very first 22lr. I got it at an amazing deal from Turners for $40 and I have to say, being in California and owning anything that's capable of more than 10 rounds (18. yessss) is somewhat dreamy for me and I am completely in love with this gun!

I am posting to ask for guidance. I've googled the whole day and have seen some good materal but I feel like it's not enough. I would truly love to restore this gun to it's original aesthetics. I have zero knowledge of wood restoration and I have no idea how the barrel/upper should be redone.

Current condition:

- The barrel for this rifle was full of rust so I used krud cutter and rubbed it with 0000 wool. The rust came off, however the finish also came off and have several pits. Now it is uneven in color. I'm not sure if I can just paint it straight up or if I should do other treatments on it first.

The micro grooving after working it with ballistol, jag and bore snake looks really good.

- The stock is worn out quite a bit. The area with the carving has the paint a bit off with several scratches around the stock and a chip by the cheek weld area which is about .5 inches that's slightly deep.

I have researched the whole day and have come up with a few ideas.

* The barrel can be repainted, "blued" which i'm still confused as to what it exactly does.
* The stock can either be sanded or be used with those compounds that remove the prior paint then redone with tru-oil or something.

Please - guide me to link or a youtube video or your advice as to how I should tackle this project. I have completely fallen in love with this gun and would sincerely like to bring it back to it's previous beauty. I would sincerely appreciate any advice from anyone and will be closely monitoring this post.

I won't be able to work on the gun until next week because of traveling so I would hopefully have amassed a good amount of ideas until i get back so I can start working on it.

Thank you so much in advance!
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