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The local gunstore just put up a 45/70GBL today, which my wife noticed, and promptly went down and put a holding fee down on it until I look at it and buy it.


How do I tell the year of manufacture and which plant it came from.

I can see a picture online but have problems reading the numbers, poor picture or bad eyes .
The first 2 numbers look a lot like 95 but I could be mistaken.

I can tell the serial is 8 digits,numbers long. Just can't read it.

Also, looks like a proof mark on the left side of the barrel near the receiver and nothing on the right side.

Any suggestions on what to look for or interpret ?
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That would make it a model year 2005! That being said, I don't think they were built that year..... Somebody will have more info!
It could be a 3 instead.

I can see the curve of the bottom of the second #.

Otherwise. When I go in tomorrow

What should I be looking for ?


Use the Seach Function,67196.0.html
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From what I understand, Marlin serial numbers have been counting down since the year 2000, with #00. 2001 would be #99, 2002 would be #98 and so on. The first two numbers will tell you when the receiver was made, but the clincher is when the rifle was finished. Look on the barrel where it connects with the receiver, if there is a "JM" on the left side of the barrel, you have a genuine Marlin. If there is a "REM" inside of an oval on the right side, you have a Remlin. (information that I learned from this great site I might add)
Good luck!
No such luck. It was a remlin. Back to looking.
Ok, I'm curious now. Did you really look it over and work the action? I know you can't test feeding ammo through it in the store, but I'm curious what your impression of that particular rifle was...
I looked it over, the wood was nice, the fit was nice. It cycled smoothly. It fit, shouldered, nicely. I really liked it.


Too many bad reviews, known issues to part with $535 on a gamble.

I'm patient, I'll wait until I find a Marlin.

And, the Remington I want is a Model 81.
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