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1895 ltd iii

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Big thanks to eoyguy for selling me his gorgeous 1895 LTD III. And consequently, thanks to cgcollins for selling it to eoyguy!

My first 1895 & 45-70! Cant wait to shoot her this weekend!

Any recomendations on factory ammo (I don't reload...yet) for these LTD's? At the moment I have the hornady leverevolution, as its the cheapest stuff I could find for $30 a box. All the other stuff was around $45 a box.

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you got yourself a sweet rifle sir the remington 405 jsp is a very nice round to use in a ltd. they run very smooth through my ltd II. if you find it kicks a bit too much a limbsaver slip on medium buttpad works wonders! adds 1" to length of pull but you can take it off anytime you want without having to make any permanent changes to your shoulder mounted light artillery!:congrats:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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