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1895 ltd iii

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Big thanks to eoyguy for selling me his gorgeous 1895 LTD III. And consequently, thanks to cgcollins for selling it to eoyguy!

My first 1895 & 45-70! Cant wait to shoot her this weekend!

Any recomendations on factory ammo (I don't reload...yet) for these LTD's? At the moment I have the hornady leverevolution, as its the cheapest stuff I could find for $30 a box. All the other stuff was around $45 a box.

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Mearl, fantastic grab! Your Gona love the way it handles. I've just recently picked on up and it's become one of my favorite, I think above my guide gun. I've only shot 325 leverlution in mine but it shoots them very well. The one thing it seems to me that this rifle has a harder kick to it than some of my other 45-70's. after you make it to the range and slang some lead let us know how she shoots and report on the kiss she leaves on your shoulder. Here's a look at mine because we all like pics. The target is a 3shot group at100yrds with the Hornady's. like its been said your gonna love it.

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