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1894SS ?

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I have been looking for an 1894CB but yesterday I stopped in a gun shop and handled a 1894SS and now it is sort of calling me.

JM stamped gun. Brand new but looks a few years old, I forgot the SN to date it. .44Mag and pretty nice wood.

Anyway though I normally don't go for SS I liked the way this gun looked and I am considering buying it. It would be my only SS Marlin if I bought it.

Whats a fair price? They have $679 on it. Thanks
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I think it is a little spendy, but in Indiana they go quick because it is deer legal. Supply and demand.

I think you need it because you have no 1894's in you collection.
I thought that seemed a little high $$$ too but I have never really paid attention to the SS guns before. I saw an 1894CB with 20" barrel NIB for $799 so the SS model would be easier on the wallet and I don't have a SS Marlin yet either. Most posters on here love their 1894SS's This gun felt nice though I usually go for the slim forearms on the CB models.
At this point in history, they are only going to appreciate in price. It may seem high now but after a year of launching lead downrange (and folks on here saying they paid $1200 for the same gun), you'll feel pretty good.

I love the stainless versions do not get me wrong. I just think if you offered 630 on it they would take it.

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Go for it, you may not find another one anytime soon. I wouldn't sell my '02 for $1000.
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Walk in with $625 cash and I bet you walk out with that rifle. 8)
Go for it !! 8) it will only appreciate in value..
Hey radar,
That is a fine looking SS I would hang onto it too.
How come we're not seeing pics of your new SS yet? I'm pretty sure that I would jump on it too even though as others have said, it is a bit pricey but when they call your name ...
I travel for work but should be back thru where that shop is today. If I have time I am going to stop and look again. It looks just like Radar 1's gun but with factory sights. Let's face it, I do NEED an 1894 to round out the collection...
a 39A is also on my list of "must haves" but I have never seen a nice used one for sale locally. Gander had a new one I handled once but at the time money was tight....
I handled a 2009 1894 cowboy limited today that was not nearly as nice as the 1894SS I started this thread about.

They wanted $749+tax for the CB. I really want an 1894 and I usually lean to the blued cowboy octagon barrels type guns but I expected better fit and finish than the CB had. I was sort of bummed after playing with the CB given the price and poorer quality.

Maybee it just seemed so bad cause this 1894SS is soooo sweet. The 1894SS is defintiely a better put together gun.
I found out it is a 2006 DoM. I can get it for $649+tax cash or a little more with a CC. I think I just talked myself into the 1894SS

I have lost guns before by not acting on the impulse to buy... I just have to scrape together the cash...
Well it was still there and now it is in my collection. I am so weak...
It turns out it was actually "used" though I swear I never would have known if the shop owner had not told me. He still had the box, paperwork, and everything as if it were new. I guess he sold it to this guy a few years ago and he never even used it so he traded it back for something else. His loss my gain I guess...
Check out the pick below. I can't wait to shoot it and get it set up with a nice peep sight....
If you are going to shoot cast bullets out of that .44 then you will need a mould that will cast at least .432. And size them no less than .432. Ranch Dog has a good mould for the .44.
Hardcast lead is about all I shoot from all my stuff.

I was worried about the cast bullet size for my 1894 SS, the 240 gr. hardcast LRNFP's I get from a local shop that casts them are .431" and no gas check.

I push them with 2400, below max load data, and plink with Titegroup behind them and I get great accuracy and no leading, I'm just sayin', it can be done.
I really need to start reloading I guess. That will be my next project :)

First off though I want to find a peep site for the new shooter...
you did pretty good in my eyes....the better quality older vintage guns will always be special now and I doubt that will ever change completely....they will alway be the "Pre-64 winchesters" of the Marlin world and your chances of losing value are just about glad you got onboard before the train totally left the station ;)
Yeah I was looking for a pre2007 rifle though I am not sure exactly when the quality started declining. I am very happy with this rifle. I've only had time to put 10 rounds through it so far but I am loving it. From what I am reading on this sight the JM stamped guns pre 2009 are the way to go.
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