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1894S at the Range Today

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I had some free time, so I was off to the range this morning. One of the rifles I took was my 1894S, .44 Mag carbine. The group here with the three shots touching was shot at 50 yards.
Load was a Speer 270 grain over H110 powder. velocity average for 10 rounds was 1620 FPS. Scope is a Leupold fixed 2.5X 20mm.
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Yep, everyone knows how inaccurate them .44s are. :p

Gotta be happy with that.

Thats good shooting :)

I found a 1894S .44mag at a local toy store with a price of $425.. I told him I would give him $350 and he is thinking about it.. it has been in his rack for a looong time. Made in 1974 and in very good shape.

We will see.. it's not like I really "need" it. ;D
Dang Marlins ruin more targets than any gun I ever saw. How are you supposed to know which bullet was which if they all cluster together? It's not natural, I tell ya. Downright confusing, if you ask me. ;)
That 270gr speer shot great out of the 1894PG I had. (sold it like a fool a while back ???)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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