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1894c re-assembly; Need some help

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I have been trying for 2 days (on and off...I put everything down when I get too mad!) to re-assemble my 1894c. As far as I can tell there are NO re-assembly instructions/photos available either on this web site or you tube. I had the entire reciever apart to install a new carrier. Leverdude had a nice series of photos for getting it apart, but I can find nothing on re-assembly other than "reverse the process". That kind of advice doesn't work for me. There are no gunsmiths in my area or I would have boxed it up and paid to have it done. I had considered getting another one or two of these guns because they are so much fun to shoot, but this kind of issue makes me re-consider even taking it down for a good cleaning. Any advice on where I can locate a photo series on putting everything back in it's correct order would be greatly appreciated.
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if you can give me a call, I'll be glad to assist you. It only takes a couple minutes.

its right now about 7:50 EST


Widder; Thanks very much for your help...enjoyed the conversation. Unfortuneatly my 1894c is now a un-usable plie of could be right, maybe Brownells did send me the wrong carrier, but your advice on the hammer spring was exactly correct. I'll shop around for a good Marlin gunsmith where I can send this pile of parts to so it can be re-assembled and the jam/carrier issue fixed. I have to tell you, this whole "re-make the gun so it works as it should have in the begining anyway' is a new experience for me....I don't mind paying to get something fixed if I broke it, but the design flaws are something else. I'll start another thread to find a gunsmith...thanks again for all of your help.

I'm glad we were able to correct your hammer situation.

I also hate that your new carrier seems to not work correctly.

Ifn I can ever be of any assistance, feel free to give me a holler down here in TN.

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