This one pains me to sell but I must. It's a for the most part like new 357 carbine pre safety that I scooped off of Collectors Firearms. This was honestly one on my bucket list and it really felt good to fill the spot. Pictures speak for it's condition but honestly the best part about it is how it shoots. It is hands down my favorite small bore rifle to shoot. It cycles like butter (38 special too but not quite as smooth) and it just shoots where you aim. Bore is a mirror and I did slug it and I reload for it but I'd have to go back to my notes. It's so dang accurate that when I took it to the range with some friends it just stole the show out of everything we had there. And honestly whoever does end up with it I would like a clause that if you do sell it in the future that I get first chance at it. Price is plus shipping and payment has to be made USPS MO unless we agree to something else.

Feel free to make me an offer by PM if my price is too high for you and if you have any questions most certainly PM me and I can answer them.

The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. Followed by a PM to work out the details.