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it sounds like to me that your EXTRACTOR might be overly stiff OR, you've got some crud in the extractor hole preventing it from springing back and forth as the cartridge rim is trying to move underneath it.

There could be other issues like chamber burrs, etc.....

But my first guess is the more common problem I encounter when CAS Pards have this problem.

SOLUTION: knock out the Extractor retaining pin. This is usually best done from your punch on the bottom of the bolt and knocking it out of the top. That pin is serrated on one end and that is the end which you want to start moving out first.

Anyhow, then with Qtips or such and your best cleaning solvents, oils, etc.....clean out that hole. And clean it out good. Lots of crud can build up in there.

and during the process of cleaning it out, us a good air compressor to help blow it clean of crud.

Clean off your Extractor. Then visit website to view a picture of how to straighten the spring.

Put the Extractor back in the hole and aligned it up. Instert the retaining pin thru the top and make sure the serated tip goes in last.

If this is your problem, then this will fix it for you.

Heck, call me ifn ya got any questions: 865 / 984-4455

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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