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1894 cowboy carbine ltd in 32-20 has made it home! [PIC'S ADDED!]

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Well, I posted a while back about finding a 32-20 CCL for sale at a pretty good price and you all talked me into putting it on layaway.... Not that it took much arm twisting but hey, a fella has to have a defense for the missus right?

I just picked it up yesterday and hope to scrounge up some ammo soon to give it a try. Sure it a purty little thing and shoulders and points like a dream. The wood is nothing fancy but has some fair contrast in the grain and a knot and some "ripple" in the fore end.

I'll try to get pic's up later but it's late at night now and it'll surely look better outside in the daylight tomorrow.

This is my third Marlin lever gun so far. I bought an 1895 in 45-70 about 8 years ago for myself and last fall I picked up a 336 in 35 Remington for my oldest boy and now the little 32-20. Problem is, now I'm wanting another 35 for my other son and of course I've got to have at least one 50-s vintage 30-30 or 32 in either the SC or A model. There's also a 444 at the same shop I got the 32-20 at that is priced about $495 but he's usually willing to deal. Is this the dreaded "Marlinitus"????

The little 32-20 was originally marked $630 but the day I went in to get it, he'd marked it down to $595 and I asked if that was the best he could do and he said $590 out the door which actually worked out to $541 and change before taxes. For a collectible rifle in pretty much unfired condition, I had to say yes.
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Re: 1894 cowboy carbine ltd in 32-20 has made it home!

That's cool, Dave!

You are gonna have FUN!

Re: 1894 cowboy carbine ltd in 32-20 has made it home!

Looks like you did real well with that price on a sweet little 32-20.I'm sure you will enjoy shooting it.Do you reload?It is easy to load up and alot less $ then buying factory.Congrats and good shootin!
PS:Yes,you have all the signs of Marlinitis. ;D
Re: 1894 cowboy carbine ltd in 32-20 has made it home! [b]PIC'S ADDED![/b]

Okay, sorry it took so long for me to get some pictures but here they are.

Full length shot to start.

Close up of front half. There's an interesting knot in the wood there.

Here's the butt stock. If you look real close you can see two light colored spots down near the toe of the stock. A little touch up should take care of them. There is also a scratch on top of the comb about an inch long but nothing bad. It might even buff out. Other than that, it appears to be unhandled and unfired.

And one last one showing the other side.
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flynt said:
Beautiful! When was it made?

Yep it's a nice one.
That's a dog-gone good lookin' rifle!
Well, I still have not shot it but today I decided to pull the bolt and lever and give it a good cleaning "just because". What I found led me to believe even more so that this rifle has never been fired.

It had a bit of heavy oil inside and when I ran my brush through the bore with good ol' Hoppes #9 it went through feeling tight at first for about 4 swipes and all of a sudden it got real easy. Had me puzzled for a bit but I believe it had a layer of old oil from the factory in the bore that had kinda gummed up. It appeared clean and there was zero powder residue. A couple passes with the bore brush broke it down and slicked it back up. Two or three patches later it was coming up sparkling clean.

Then I sat and watched the boob tube for about an hour and a half while cycling the action over and over to help slick it up. By the time I was done it felt noticeably better and I now have a blister on the back of my ring finger where it pushed against the lever all those times...

By the way, there were two things I noticed about this rifle that sort of surprised me.

First, when I first got it and was cycling the action to test it, every once in a while the lever would lock up on the opening stroke. About 3/4" from full closed it'd just lock. Usually I was working it over and over and before I could really look at it I'd just automatically retried it and it would open. At it's worst, it did it maybe one out of ten or fifteen times. I managed to catch myself once and didn't recycle it and I applied considerable force to the lever and it was locked solid. After I cleaned it and put it back together, it has not done it at all. I suspect a timing issue due to the heavy, waxy oil or maybe a burr on something.

Second, I noticed that the butt stock was loose. I tried to tighten the screw but it felt tight so I took it out and pulled the stock and put it back on. When I did that, it tightened up just fine and is solid but now I've got about 1/16" or a tad less of proud wood at the back ends of the upper and lower tangs. It was perfectly flush before I took it apart but it was loose too. It's not much but the edge is crisp and sharp so you really feel it. I'm thinking I'll maybe put some thin wood or glass bedding in there and draw it down until it is just perfectly flush with the wood and let it set up. Kinda nit picky but sadly after reading all the Marlin rant posts lately I might have just looked at it more critically than I normally would have.

I just can't wait to get some ammo and take it to the range. I saw some black powder ammo on line that had me thinking. It'd be just like shooting a 32 caliber muzzle loader for squirrels and I've wanted something like that for years. My boys are both asking when we can shoot it. Especially the youngest one. His big brother got a Marlin 35 Remington for Christmas and now the young one thinks this rifle is gonna be his. Little stinker....
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