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well a while back I picked up an 1894 44mag pre safety minus the stocks and the metal striped partially for just over 100. its been sitting and I've started putting together a plan for getting her back to action. No I don't have any way to post pictures yet(currently cant upload them). plan is for boys laminate stock. cut 2 inches off the barrel and then have the whole thing Robar NP3 Plus coated. I figure that should give me a quick handling little carbine that's as close to stainless as I can get.

my quick question is do yall know how the boyds stocks fit on the fore end side of the house with the hanger? I don't have a way to measure the length of the foregrip(currently deployed on a cutter for a while). Its a pre safety rifle 1975, if someone has one lying around that can put a tape on the rifle I would really appreciate it.

Looking at the np3plus coating(tried cheaper alternatives and been unhappy with it) and I prefer stainless rifles for my knock around guns, figured yall might be interested in seeing how it progressed.

First plan is to get the stocks and fit to the rifle.
plus the ranger extractor, wild west ejector and some sort of peep sight.
Second step is to send the rifle off to robar have the whole thing top to bottom np3plus coated,
third step is to get her home and put together.
forth? shooting and hunting and carrying.

Big question is the length on the fore grips for the 1894, I know the straight stock of a 336 fits her(had to put something on her when I test shot to make sure she runs).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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