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lot_45 said:

Were you able to get details about "the exact work done" to make yours work smooth?

I had to send a rifle back in the 1895 flavor due to "letting two in" issues. Never was able to get a detail of what was done to make it right. It did cycle like a dream when I got it back.

As far as waranty goes... well they were all used (but like new condition) when I bought them. So I guess waranty is not an option.Thanks
Marlin used to honor a warranty problem on any gun that was well taken care of.........I've seen 25+ year old guns fixed under warranty, just because it was evident the problem there from day one.............

The "New' stated warranty is 5 years...............its not specific to the original owner, even if the text says so........

How the "Bottom Line Boys" at Remington view the warranties, I don't know, but it would be worth the phone call to find out.........

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