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10 pointer during opening weekend

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I took this 10 pointer on the opening day of southern zone here in NY. I was sitting down for all of 10 minutes when I heard something moving off to my left. I used my bleat call and he came in on a full charge. I had to wait for him to turn broadside and then I took him with a single shot from my Ithaca 37 16 gauge Deerslayer. The deer dropped where he stood.

Here's my son trying to get in on the action

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Nice! ;D
Congrats and thank you for posting pics! Gotta love them 16 gauge shotguns.......
Congratulations, nice looking buck. Nice looking future hunting partner you have there also.
Very nice David!
When was opening weekend?
What I really like is the pic of the little guy! showed it to my better half even.
He is so cute!
Now out here we would call that a 4 pointer still a very nice buck.
( here we count one side and not the brow tine don't ask me why?)
But the little one is so cute!!!
I can see him in 14 years ya Dad but my buck is bigger lol as he loads it in the back of the truck.
Keep that pic for ever.
Did I say he was so cute?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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