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  1. Marlin 1895 XLR in 45-70

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I figured you all would be the best to ask the following question... I have been looking for and wanting a JM Marlin in 45-70 and I just haven't really found one that I like or at the right price. I did stumble upon a Marlin model 1895...
  2. '06 1895 XLR 45-70 Yahoo!

    Welcome New Members
    Hi there, I just joined a couple of weeks ago and just bought my first Marlin. I want to thank all the participants for all the wisdom, honesty and tolerance. You all have given me the confidence to know what I want, and go get it. Thanks to all of your input I chose a JM Marlin, and got it...
  3. 336 XLR 30-30 - new guy needs help - ss barrel wavy/ripple finish - is it shootable?

    Hey folks I just recently acquired my 2nd firearm ever, a 336XLR in 30-30. I lurked here for months and read all the online articles about Rem taking over production ops and all of that. I was willing to take a moderate amount of risk to own this rifle but i felt like I did all the prep work...
  4. WTS - Marlin 336XLR .35 Remington

    SPF- Thanks Everyone. Posting it here first among those who will appreciate it. Nearly perfect 2007 JM-stamped(Aren't they all?) 336XLR. Low round count. Puts 200gr-RN/Varget loads into 1 1/2" 100yd groups. Rifle with two-piece scope base and rings only; no scope. Only flaw is where a...
  5. 1895 XLR Marlin/Remlin

    The 45/70 Govt.
    I bought an XLR in 308 in 2002 but always wanted an 1895. When Remington bought Marlin I thought I was out of luck but I eventually found one about 18 months ago. The barrel was roll stamped New Haven, CT but it did not have JM stamped on the barrel. I'm of the understanding the parts for the...
  6. Marlin 336 vs 1895 vs XLR?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my first new lever gun for some out of state hunts. I guess the main reason choosing a lever gun is the nostalgia factor but I'm also really interested in the performance of these new marlins and they seem just as capable as any bolt or single shot I've been...
  7. My New 336XLR 30-30 w/ XS Lever Rail & Scope

    This is my first thread, so I'll try not to foul it up too bad. :-) Just wanted to share some info and a few pix of my new Marlin 336XLR 30-30, a Christmas present I picked out for myself. I ordered the rifle from Hinterland Outfitters - Marlin Model 336 Rifle 336XLR-30 30-30 Winchester...
  8. New in Mississippi

    Welcome New Members
    I've been lurking for a while - trying to learn what I can. Today I picked up my first Marlin lever action so I figured it was time to become an active participant. I found a JM stamped new in box 336 XLR 30/30 at a local dealer. Not much time to get my new rifle ready for deer season! John
  9. Bears fear me! New (to me) 1895 XLR

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Picked her up at a Pawn Shop today after scouring another gun show and the Olympia Cabelas. I spotted it a while back for $699. Golfbuddy45 suggested I offer $650 (thanks!) I offered $600 and they took it. I wonder what woulda happened if I started at $500?!?! :) Now the tough part... Keep...