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  1. New Member Introductions
    Howdy! About four months ago I started thinking really seriously about a center-fire bolt gun. I formulated a general idea of the specs I wanted and began the search. One of the very first contenders that caught my eye was the Marlin xl/xs series of bolt guns. Shortly after looking around a bit...
  2. Other Marlins
    I have a Marlin XL7 .30-06 and I don't have the bolt removal tool for it, anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks!
  3. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    I own the XL7 in .308, and I am very pleased with the rifle and have owned it for over two years, however, I have been unable to locate a tactical stock. Does anyone here know if anyone even manufactures a tactical stock? I know boyds makes a few thumb hole stocks but I don't find them very...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! Just wanted to pop my head in and say hello. I recently purchased a used Marlin XL7 in .30-06 with a no-name scope already mounted on it. A short trip to my buddy's backyard showed the scope was spot-on. My first evening out hunting I managed to bring home not one, but two young...
  5. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    So I go straight to the point ... I want to buy a new stock for my new XS7 and I'm undecided between this and that. My indecision comes from the fact that I would like to know which one is the heaviest. Can you help me? Thank! :wavey:
  6. The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles
    What is your go-to ragged hole puncher (hand-load) for the xl7 in .270 Win? I'm looking to hand-load for mine on a budget and figured you guys have probably tried every combination under the sun. Thanks, ExLSeven
1-6 of 8 Results