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  1. Introducing the .36 RPP - Big Brother to the .35 REM

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hello again friends, Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t emerged from my rabbit hole much lately. It’s been a busy, busy year, and it’s only speeding up as the fall hunting season looms on the horizon. To that end, my efforts lately have been focused on developing some exciting new...
  2. NEW VIDEO: .44 RIPSAW Wildcat Cartridge (aka .44 Monster Mag)

    RPP’s first wildcat cartridge, the .44 RIPSAW, made its explosive debut at our test facility this weekend, and staff all returned with RIPSAW lust in their hearts. It’s one thing to look at a gun on paper and speak in the abstract about its performance potential. It’s quite another thing to...
  3. UPDATE: 44 Monster Mag / Ripsaw Wildcat Project

    Ranger Point Precision
    The main reason I chose .44 cal is that there is a really good selection of bullets, both jacketed and cast, that can perform at either pistol or rifle velocities. The .44 is rather unique in this regard. Nothing in .40 would hold together at the proposed velocities; .41 mag has a limited...
  4. 358 Hoosier

    As some of you may already know, I've been obsessed with finding a way around Indiana's curious regulations for deer firearms season. I had the idea of trimming the .35 Remington's 1.92-inch case down to 1.80 inches, the maximum legal case length for the season. I discarded that idea when...