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  1. Wow seriously! On a gun (1894 44mag) this new?

    Long story shorter, 1st range trip... fired something less than 100 rds, and the action bound-up with the lever in the down position. That ended the range day, went home, inspected. The loading gate screw had backed out and the loading gate had drooped inward and thus caused binding with the...
  2. Hi! I'm a new marlin 336ss owner from PA, and I could use a little help.

    Welcome New Members
    I just bought a new 336ss. It really is a beautiful rifle, but I'm worried that it has some flaws that will need tending to under the factory warranty. For starters, I can tell that the sights are not lined up properly, possible a barrel off center? Then I noticed some pretty big gaps where...
  3. Need some warranty advice

    Hi everyone. Wouldn't call this a rant just yet but I thought it would be the place to start (BRAND new to the forum, please be gentle.) Long story short, after months of searching I bought a new 1894ss, .44 mag online (It's a Remington-Marlin). Out of the box it had gouges in what should have...